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The RoomRaiser pricing system is now integrated with Previo PMS!

Previo cloud-based PMS
Still not using a modern PMS? Switch to Previo!

Discover the benefits of cloud-based hotel management systems and the simultaneous use of PMS and RMS!

In recent years, cloud-based IT services have become increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses, including the hospitality industry.

Many small and medium-sized hotels opt for cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) instead of traditional on-premises systems, which come with several advantages.

Let's go through the key benefits of modern hotel management systems!

Cloud-based PMS = Mobility

Traditional/on-premise PMS systems run on the hotel's own network or specific computers, limiting users to managing bookings, updating room availability, and performing other essential tasks only when they are physically present at the property.

In contrast, cloud-based PMS solutions enable hotel staff to access the system from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Simpler integration

If a hotel uses a Revenue Management System (RMS), it can be integrated with the PMS to automatically and instantly update room rates based on occupancy and demand. This integration can also streamline other processes like billing and accounting, as the hotel's financial records can be automatically updated.

An open, remotely accessible, and well-integrated system provides more possibilities and flexibility in customizing the hotel's technological solutions.

As mentioned above, RoomRaiser's automatic RMS service now operates integrated with Previo PMS, allowing every Previo user to enjoy and benefit from the advantages offered by a perfectly functioning modern PMS and RMS solution.

If you are not yet using a cloud-based PMS or considering a switch, request a demo access to Previo through this link!

Previo PMS dashboard
Get detailed insights of your hotel from the Previo dashboard!

Advantages of Revenue Management Systems for hotels

Our cloud-based RMS software is designed to assist small and medium-sized hotels in optimizing prices and revenues. Based on various factors such as occupancy, demand, and market trends, our users can determine the optimal room rates. The pricing provided by the system enables hotels to sell their rooms at the most appropriate price and time, increasing their revenues while saving valuable working hours.

By using our software in conjunction with a cloud-based PMS, hotels can automate several revenue management tasks, including:

  • Setting prices,

  • Managing room inventory,

  • Forecasting demand.

These automated processes not only save human resources but also help reduce the risk of errors and ensure that the hotel always sells its rooms at the optimal price.

dynamic pricing graph
Perfect rates all the time with RoomRaiser

Among the other significant benefits of transitioning to cloud-based PMS and revenue management systems, it is essential to mention:

  • Reduced costs associated with IT development and maintenance: Expensive hardware and software installations become unnecessary. Apart from unique requirements, most system updates become free and automatically available.

  • Scalability: Cloud-based systems easily adapt to growing businesses without significant infrastructure changes.

  • Learning and development: Switching to a new PMS system allows hotel professionals to acquire deeper, comprehensive knowledge about available IT solutions and newly introduced systems. PMS transitions (approximately every five years) help stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends. By keeping users more open and updated, this enables informed decisions and better services. In contrast, using an outdated system may make the entire process routine and stifle innovation.

Simultaneous implementation of Property Management and Revenue Management software

By introducing a cloud-based PMS and RMS simultaneously, hotels can leverage the advantages of the most advanced technology, and seamless communication between the two systems becomes more achievable. Additionally, parallel implementation can help streamline operations and reduce costs. Automatic updates of room rates and occupancy based on demand significantly reduce the need for manual interventions, thereby saving human resources.

Simultaneous implementation offers greater flexibility and customization possibilities. The openness and integrability of cloud-based systems provide users with more freedom to choose the most suitable systems and ensure effective communication between them.

All of these assist hotels in adapting to changing market conditions and customer demands, as well as ensuring their technological solutions are future-proof.


In summary, there are numerous benefits for small and medium-sized hotels in using cloud-based PMS and RMS solutions:

  • They offer greater flexibility, accessibility, and integration with other technologies, helping streamline processes and increase revenue.

  • Transitioning to cloud-based PMS and RMS can also reduce IT costs and provide a deeper understanding of technological systems. Therefore, it is worth considering for hotels seeking to optimize operations and maximize revenue.

  • By choosing a comprehensive IT solution that includes cloud-based PMS and RMS, hotels can leverage the latest technologies and stay competitive in the growing market.

  • The simultaneous use of Previo and RoomRaiser is a great combination for your property to gain all the listed advantages!

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