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How RoomRaiser Users Increased Revenue by 45% with Dynamic Room Pricing

Updated: Mar 18

The RoomRaiser software, designed to assist with dynamic pricing, was introduced to the market in July 2023. Since then, an increasing number of hotels have begun using the system specifically tailored for small and medium-sized accommodations. We've examined the experiences and outcomes during this period.

As is common with digital solutions, the goals of using RoomRaiser include:

  • Increased revenue

  • Reduced hours of work

  • Greater accuracy with fewer opportunities for human error

Among these, revenue growth is perhaps the most easily measurable, so this article primarily focuses on this aspect. We've analyzed the results of all our users and found an average revenue increase ranging between 15% and 45% over the past few months.

In the following section, we'd like to showcase the benefits of using RoomRaiser through the experiences of two of our clients, AR Forte Apartments (Central Capital Apartments) and Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj.

AR Forte Apartments, Gozsdu court and its surroundings, Budapest

"With RoomRaiser, we successfully transitioned to truly dynamic pricing. It's a genuine digital solution, offered at an affordable price, yielding excellent results."

Gozsdu Court
Gozsdu Court is a popular location among tourists, therefore a sound pricing strategy is essential for accommodation providers in the area

AR Forte Ltd. operates 41 apartments in Budapest, in and around Gozsdu Court. We asked Ádám Kozsuch, Operations Manager, about his experience with RoomRaiser (Ádám and his team have been using our software since October 2023).

The challenge

"The competition in the area is fierce, and dynamic pricing is nowadays a necessity. However, due to our numerous apartments and the multitude of competitors, manually managing it is impossible and consumes a lot of time. Developing a professionally sound pricing strategy and consistently implementing it is a highly complex task." Occupancy was low, and they often only noticed too late that they could have sold at higher prices due to increasing demand, thus missing out on significant potential revenues.

Getting started with RoomRaiser

"We use Previo PMS, and they suggested RoomRaiser. We had a meeting with them where they were professionally convincing, and the promises sounded very appealing. We thought we'd give the free trial period a try, see what they can do, we can't lose anything! 😊 Optimizing prices always and saving work hours sounded very promising!"

Working together

"The implementation and integration of systems took a few days. We practically received a free professional consultation regarding competitor analysis, which proved to be very useful." The next 1-2 weeks were spent fine-tuning pricing. "Since then, using the system has been straightforward, while the tasks of constantly monitoring competitors' prices and manually calculating our prices have been essentially eliminated"

The results

Between the beginning of November 2023 and the end of February 2024, occupancy increased by 25% compared to the same period a year ago, and revenue increased by 19%. "Based on these results, we are eagerly awaiting what RoomRaiser can achieve in the season! One non-quantitative result is that we can consistently be at ease, knowing that pricing is always in order. We can sleep soundly!"

Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj

"I highly recommend RoomRaiser to every hotel present on online channels! For those who have been wanting to try dynamic pricing but haven't had the capacity for it until now, this offers a great solution. And the cost of the system is just a fraction of what consulting firms charge!"

Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj and its surroundings
Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj, surrounded by pine forests and vineyards

At the Panoráma Hotel Noszvaj, Ágnes Kovács-Muhel and her team have been using RoomRaiser since July 2023. With the assistance of an external consulting firm in the past, they had already attempted dynamic pricing for their 45 rooms. We also did an interview with Ágnes earlier, which you can read here.

The challenge

"Our online booking rate ranges between 50-60% annually, making it a crucial revenue stream. Continuing dynamic pricing was important for us, but we also aimed to reduce costs and improve quality simultaneously. We were searching for a genuine, well-functioning digital solution."

Getting started with RoomRaiser

"We decided to give the system a try based on the recommendation of the Previo PMS team. After a discussion with David and his team, we were persuaded by the software and the pricing strategy they presented. Just like AR Forte Apartments, the integration between Previo PMS and RoomRaiser proved beneficial. For further details on how these two systems collaborate, you can find more information here."

Working together

"RoomRaiser delivers what it promises: our prices remain consistently competitive, and we practically forget about monitoring competitors because they handle it for us. The RoomRaiser team provides professional added value, and we always receive appropriate support whenever we have questions. Setting parameters was done with professional support, based on the unique characteristics of our hotel. The integration between systems works well, and the software is easy and transparent even for beginners."

The results

"Analyzing data from September 2023 to February 2024, our bookings from online channels increased by 45% compared to the previous year, while revenue from these bookings surged by 60%. Using RoomRaiser has practically reduced the time spent on pricing by tenfold. I can now complete the pricing for a year ahed in less than half an hour, mostly just reviewing RoomRaiser's prices. Previously, this took about 4 hours. The software completely relieves us of data collection and processing, minimizing errors. We can always be confident in our pricing."

Based on the above, we can say that the technology, which is already more widely adopted in Western Europe, is also working for the above mentioned accommodation providers. RoomRaiser brings automated hotel revenue management solutions for small and medium-sized hotels to Hungary and neighboring countries first, complemented by regional expertise and professional consultancy.

Streamline monotonous workflows and boost your hotel's revenue with RoomRaiser! Get in touch today!



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